Company Objectives

  • Provide world-class investment services to help investors build and maintain wealth and, ultimately, to contribute to the future of our increasingly global society.
  • Contribute to building a society where talent and hard work are rewarded fairly through the support of our superb investor education.
  • Promote the broader global cultural understandings by providing access to Japanese tradition and culture.

Message from CEO

These days, I face a common question, "Why do Japanese investors end up with expensive products which do not increase their assets?"

First there is the tradition in the Japanese investment industry that the "house" (investment firms) takes a fee no matter whether the investor wins or loses. Like a casino which always "wins."

Many would say that the ultimate purpose of an investment firm is to generate profits through the sales of its products. Assuming this is the case, then an asset manger would have minimal incentive to serve the client after a sale is complete. Meanwhile, it is actually easier to sell a product when the price is trending upward. Unfortunately, this means, on balance, that investors tend to buy expensive. With this structure behind the investment industry, Japanese investors rarely appreciate the fulfillment of investing. Unfortunately, this tendency is true also in other parts of the world. And the issue is compounded by the fact that investors, for their part, want quick returns. As a result, I believe that investment managers have a responsibility to educate investors about costs, trends, and the time horizon for various investments.

Unlike much of our competition, we believe that we can improve the quality of investment results if we can achieve a win-win for both the investor and the investment manager. It was based on this belief, that we founded Wild Investors Inc.

So what is "Investing?" While many would say that it is about earning money - this is only one aspect of investing. We believe that the true "beauty" of investment is to help an economy to grow. In this way, investing can have a significantly positive impact on society and support its future. We strive to be a long-lived investment manager to return the wealth and culture to next generations who can appreciate that they are born in this world.

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